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The Romans in Britain

Judith Nicholls

The Sea in the Trees

Kit Wright - Children's Poems

The Sloth

Theodore Roethke

The Slow Man

Allan Ahlberg

The Sssnake Hotel

Brian Moses

The Tale of Dotty Cuddletum

Chrissie Gittins

The Thought Fox

Ted Hughes

The Trees

Philip Larkin

The Visit

Geoff Page

The Waking

Theodore Roethke


Chrissie Gittins

Three Limericks

Michael Rosen


Valerie Bloom

Timothy Winters

Charles Causley

Tree Climbing

Paul Batchelor

Trick a Duppy

James Berry - Children's Poems


Kay Ryan

Two Seasons

Valerie Bloom

Until Gran Died

Wes Magee

Up On The Roof

Matthew Sweeney Children's Poems

Use Your Rains

Andrew Fusek Peters - Children's Poems